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Hundreds of thousands sign petition to boycott late-night host Jimmy Kimmel for mocking first lady Melania Trump

Over the weekend late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel backed out of his Twitter war with Fox News host Sean Hannity after the latter called him out for mocking first lady Melania Trump’s accent as she read a children’s book aloud during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll over the Easter holiday.

Kimmel apologized — sort of — to Hannity, noting that the back-and-forth wasn’t helpful and was, in fact, harming the country.

The Left-wing darling was adamant about apologizing to gays and lesbians, however, after a series of tweets implying homosexual acts between President Donald J. Trump and Hannity in typical Alt-Left classless fashion, pointing out specifically that his choice of ‘humor’ was done in poor taste.

“While I admit I did have fun with our back and forth, after some thought, I realize that the level of vitriol from all sides (mine and me included) does nothing good for anyone and, in fact, is harmful to our country,” he wrote. “By lampooning Sean Hannity’s deference to the President, I most certainly did not intend to belittle or upset members of the gay community and to those who took offense, I apologize. I will take Sean Hannity at his word that he was genuinely offended by what I believed and still believe to be a harmless and silly aside referencing our First Lady’s accent.

“Mrs. Trump almost certainly has enough to worry about without being used as a prop to increase TV ratings,” he added, a likely reference to allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump from former porn stars and pin-up girls.

What Kimmel has yet to do, however, is apologize for mocking the first lady’s accent as she read to the children in attendance (she is eastern European, having been born in Slovenia).

Like I said, classless. But typical.

Now, those upset with Kimmel are taking a page from the Alt-Left outrage machine playbook and are calling for a boycott of his program and the show’s advertisers. Nearly 200,000 people have already e-signed it.

“On Monday night [last Monday], left-wing host Jimmy Kimmel showed his true bigotry by mocking the way our First Lady was reading a children’s book during the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House,” the petition reads, as reported by Infowars.

“In the past he has claimed to be tolerant of all immigrants, but he openly made fun of her accent and his crowd laughed along. He even reenacted the way she says ‘This and That.’ Then, he told his immigrant counterpart, Guillermo, that he too could be First Lady,” the petition continues. “It’s clear that his entire goal was to insult her intelligence just because of the way she speaks.”

The petition, when the goal of 200,000-plus is reached, will be delivered to ABC/Disney Studios in Burbank, Calif.

Now, what will ABC do with it? Probably nothing — not that the petition effort is not worthwhile because it is.

The network ought to know that there are a lot of angry Americans who are not just sick of this kind of blatant childishness that passes for political debate nowadays, they are tired of how this president is constantly disrespected, and with good reason.

Obama was not popular with conservatives and many libertarians, but he was never assailed in the manner Trump is routinely attacked and savaged on a daily basis. I can’t remember Obama, for instance, ever receiving credible death threats from public figures or threats of physical harm, but Trump regularly receives them — from washed-up actors like Robert De Niro, D-list comedians like Kathy Griffin, and has-been rappers like Snoop Dogg.

Two things need to happen: We need to rediscover our funny bones and stop being so offended by everything that is said and we need to bring some civility back to the civil society.

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J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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